65" tv to OLED or to NOT OLED?


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I am thinking of buying new 65" TV. I have checked OLED TV looks good, but I don't know if this worth the pricepoint.

I will be using mainly for watching IPTV, Netflix, maybe somedays for gaming.
LG 65C1 I can get for 1.500€, but LED options are far cheaper. Any opinions or suggestions for 65 tv?
If I get LED tv for 800, I can spend 700 for Speakers...


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You can't get a decent LED for 800 unless it's a last years model on sale. The first thing to consider is usage conditions. Bright room = LED, dark room = OLED. For LED models check Sony X90J or Samsung QN95A. Skip non-OLED LGs and Samsung QN90A and below. They all use IPS-type panel with very low native contrast.


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so QN95A would costt me 1700euro, that's too much, especailly when I can get C1 for 1450...
X90J 1200eu makes me lean towards C1. Any other suggestions?


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You need to decide which panel technology is right for you and your typical usage is an important factor in that decision. LCD and OLED both have their pros and cons but for me personally, the list of pros for OLED far-outweighed the cons (for my main lounge TV at least) and the opposite was true for LCD, so the choice was simple.

On the subject of screen brightness, the supposed lack of brightness on OLEDs that you'll hear about a lot on here is much less of an issue in most circumstances than people make out, IMO. HDR on my current TV can get bright enough to (literally) make your eyes water and I regularly watch normal SDR material in a bright room during the day without issues even on modest settings so, based on my experience, I would say that modern OLEDs can go plenty bright enough in all but the very brightest of rooms. The screen on mine can be fairly reflective on the odd occasion that the sun is streaming in through the windows, but it's nothing a half-drawn curtain doesn't resolve and that's something I have to do with LCD TVs in other rooms anyway. I suspect that anyone living in a far sunnier location than the UK with floor-to-ceiling windows might have a different viewpoint admittedly, but it just isn't an issue for me. Note that I don't have bright windows or patio doors opposite my OLED though (just to the sides) - if that's something you have no choice but to do, then reflection issues become much more of a problem with any TV.

As for the price difference - as jslv indicated, an 800 euro LCD is very unlikely to be equivalent to a 1500 euro OLED. You'll need a high-end LCD in order to start to compete with even a low-end OLED so once you start looking at high-end LCDs, you'll see that price becomes much less of a factor.

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