65"QN95A - anti-glare?


Have replaced the Q90R with a QN95A both are supposed to have an anti-glare ultra-wide viewing angle coating.

However, while the old Q90R was very obviously anti-reflective, only giving a slight rainbow reflection when light was directly pointing at it, the QN95 doesn't appear to be as anti-refective at all. Looking at it from an angle I can see things reflected without distortion, whereas the old Q90R would look almost semi-matt.
It's not like a mirror, and much much better than say, a gloss laptop screen, but doesn't eliminate them completely.

The viewing angle of the QN95 is great, better than the Q90R was.

One reason for getting the 95 over the 90 was that the anti-glare was supposed to be better. Is it that the QN90 uses the older anti-glare like the Q90R (which was sometimes criticised for making the pixels slighty blurry) and the 94/95 has a more advanced solution that is slightly more reflective but avoids the rainbow effect and gives extra clarity?

I can't find anything comparing the QN90 vs QN95 anti-glare. I just know they are different.

Anyone know anything more?

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