65" Oled or 75" FALD & young kids


Hi all,

Do I currently have a Hisense 55" M7000 which has served me well for the last few years, however I've decided to treat myself to an upgrade. I've also wanted OLED for the picture quality, they were too expensive for me at the time when I bought the M7000. I had mentally settled on a 65" LG CX or Sony A8 etc and was just waiting for the right deal.

However from reading some posts on here I'm starting to doubt myself, we sit approx 13-14ft from the screen today (I do find 55" fine) and the advice seems to suggest I should be looking at 75" or even more (Sadly a 77" OLED is too much for me). Then I've been reading various posts about screen burn, I knew this existed and I do get the point people more likely post negative experiences than positive and the latest panels reduce the risk further. However I have two young daughters (2 & 4) who basically own the remote control during the day and what all kinds of awful stuff on YouTube and Netflix, which makes me think I'm asking for trouble. Yes I could take a JL warranty with screen burn protection, but what happens after 5 years etc as I tend to try keep things running until they break and 5 years life out of a 2k spend isn't appealing.

So in short the viewing is YouTube and Netflix during the day for the kids and then for a few hours in the evening mostly TV series on Netflix/Amazon with ocasional movie, no gaming. Would love it to be more movies, but whilst kids are young we're usual too knackered in the evening to not fall asleep mid movie. The TV will be about 1/3 sticking out over patio door, but the isn't particularly bright (we're surrounded by trees. TV will also live on a corner unit and not wall mounted, do wonder if 75" would look a bit silly (room is roughly 4.5m by 4.5m).

So do I stick with original plan 65" Oled and run the risk whilst enjoying the picture quality, or jump to a LCD FALD like the Sony 75XH9505? The only other option seems to be the Samsung Q90T, but the 75" is a lot more than the Sony for no real gain. If there is any other models I should consider I would happy to take the advice.

One minor point I will need to get some form of Vesa table top mount it seems for the Sony as my corner unit is too narrow for the feet even on the narrow position.

Thanks in advance


The only risk with Youtube and Netflix would be keeping the apps on the menus for long periods of time. If your children are using the built in apps of Youtube and Netflix the TV will go into a screen saver when not in use, so I don't think its particularly a risk unless they are using an external source without a screen saver. It also depends on the content they use. I don't think kids shows particularly have a lot of static images, but perhaps educational ones do? I'm not sure. As for falling asleep during a movie, when the movie ends the TV will go back to the apps menu or play the next item. After a certain amount of inactivity the screen saver engages and the TV will automatically sleep based on your power saving preferences. Again though, it depends on the source. If you hook up something that doesn't use a screen saver then it could be different.

Either way though, your seating distance is very far, and a 75" TV would be a better idea to get the Sony XH9505 in a larger size. Comparatively its much better value for money compared to the 77" OLEDs.

The Sony has adjustable feet as demonstrated in this video, but as you say you can also fit a central stand.

The Q90T is really no better overall, and presently costs more, so I wouldn't recommend that model right now.

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