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Hi all,
I would like to get your opinion on the below 5 models. After considering my budget, local market and our family needs I have narrowed down my selection to these 5 models. Please help me to choose one or eliminate some. They all have VA panel and relatively similar specs and they all cost under 1000€. One of them will replace our current Samsung LE46B651 (year 2009). It will be used in living room from distance of 4,5 m. 46" LE46B651 is really not big enough.
My main concern is picture quality followed by audio quality. No gaming at all. TV will be used mostly for watching movies, series and animated movies. Main source of signal will be HTPC Intel NUC with KODI (used about 70% of time) and secondary source of signal will be satellite TV from set-top-box. Smart features and apps are not important, HTPC and set-top-box will provide all the input.

Here are my candidates in random order:

Philips 65PUS7303 (930€) - most interesting here is Ambilight
64.5" Philips 65PUS7303/12 - Specifications

Sony KD-65XF7596 (880€) - strong brand
64.5" Sony KD-65XF7596 - Specifications

Samsung UE65NU7442 (850€) - positive reviews
64.5" Samsung UE65NU7470 - Specifications

TCL 65DC760 (950€) - design and integrated soundbar JBL
64.5" TCL 65DC760 - Specifications

Hisense H65U7A (860€) - only 100Hz panel in my budget, positive reviews
64.5" Hisense H65U7A - Specifications

Thank you!


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Thank you Dodgexander. You are right, the information about panel type is missing or varies from source to source.
Yes, I was also leaning towards Hisense.

What would be your personal order of preference for the other 4 TVs?


What would be your personal order of preference for the other 4 TVs?
Its hard to say because there are either no reviews or we aren't sure which panel they come with.

The TCL is an unknown really in Europe, I don't think their TVs in EU are as good as the ones in USA, especially since they lack the Roku smart platform.

Philips and Samsung I wouldn't be so sure which panel they come with, if I was to choose between those two I'd say the Philips has a better chance of being VA but the Samsung also has a better smart platform.

The Sony I would avoid completely unless I wanted a TV with an IPS panel.

There is little point though comparing TVs until you know what panel type you want, there is a big difference between how a TV performs with an IPS panel, it can mean that the very bottom of the range models with VA panels can out-perform higher end models with IPS panels for overall picture quality.


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Thank you for sharing your expertise, opinion and details. I will look for good Hisense H65U7A deal now.


I believe the Sony in 65" has a VA panel, the other sizes an IPS (for the XF75). For the XF70 the 55 and 65" have a VA panel and 43 & 49" an IPS one

(unrelated note: not all LG sub 8xxx models have an RGBW panel; a French review popped up earlier this week showing a regular RGB panel in a 43" UK6500 model)


U7A or the NU8000 are the best options, the Hisense being the best value for money.


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Hi all,
got the Hisense H65U7A for 780 Euro few days back. I must say I am impressed. I will write here some observations, maybe it will help future buyers.
These observations are based on comparison with 9 years old higher-end Samsung LCD TV with 100 Hz screen. And I am not using smart functions of TV, it serves just as a screen for standalone devices (Intel NUC HTPC with KODI and satellite set-top-box).

- TV has great design with narrow borders around screen and high-grade stand
- in top part the TV is only few millimeters thick
- it has beautiful picture even without calibration or customizing settings
- the speakers can be very loud, I would not expect this from a rather thin TV. typically we use the sound volume set to level 8 - 11 from 100
- many people mentioned that this VA screen is good only when watching directly. maybe we are not so demanding, but the picture looks good even from angles
- remote feels very good in hands and the buttons are nice to press
- movies in 4K look simply great on this TV
- even standard TV channels broadcasting in 1280x720 look much better than I was awaiting, probably a good upscaling engine does it?
- in completely dark room when looking at black screen, it is visible that the back-light is not homogeneous, but when watching a movie, it is not noticeable
- TV came with firmware I0505 and when I try OTA update, it is saying that there is no newer firmware. I guess it is correct that OTA updating does not work and it is needed to use USB updates. on the other hand so far I did not notice any issue which would make me want to do an update.

For those who own this TV, is there anything interesting in newer firmware what would be useful for someone who does not use any smart functions of a TV?

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