65 inch-LG Nano 90 vs Hisense U7QF vs Panasonic X820B upgrade thoughts ?


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Hi. Apologies if there is a similar post to this. Anyway I today received a refurbish Sony XH90 which unfortunately is dead out of the box and being returned. Was gutted. Was also out of stock to be replaced even no new ones available.

anyway I was considering before I ordered this the Nano 90 it Has some favourable reviews around the internet. But would appreciate any owners recommendations? I also like the look of the Panasonic X820. But I know a lot of the technology on this model is a bit dated now for what you get for your money. I do like the Hisense U7Q but I am upgrading from a 55 inch Hisense U7B. I like the tv but sports are a little disappointing with DSE and motion isn’t great. And find the Vidda interface a little basic and lacking. So I would like to upgrade to a decent 65 inch to mainly watch Sky Q with sports and also I game. I watch some content in Dolby Vision. Which is acceptable on the Hisense U7B. I’m in a budget of around 800 to 900.
many thanks.


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hello I am a happy owner of a nano91 and it allows the choice is easy if you look at sky and you want the Dolby vision iq nice warm and sharp image go to the nanocell I paid 800 € it was super discount if not at full price you have to go to the oled of course lg at this time the nano91 is discounted at 800 € January and February was at 1300 €. today the tv received the third software update the second update had brought software stability but a dark image not told only by me see various comments on YouTube with this update seem to have reverted to a clear image with normal blacks. hisense is not comparable to lg the nanocell and superior for me or had sony xd8196 and not the colors of the nanocell then Philips 58pus8555 a shameful tv that I managed to sell and then buy the nano91 adding 150 € but it is worth them all of course if I had to spend 1300 € I took his majesty oled cx lg. The next tv in or 3 years will be an oled that will surely lower the price thanks


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Many many thanks for your reply :thumbsup:I did opt for the Nano 90 and it comes Friday. With delivery was £ 879. I believe the only difference between the 90 and 91 is the stand ? I know I see on here a lot of negativity mainly because it’s an IPS panel. But online it gets mainly positive reviews. I guess it depends what TV your coming from as well. At least the Mrs will be pleased as she says she can’t watch the TV when she sits to the side 😄. So she will be pleased.and I mainly watch the tv in a bright room. I think I will be happy with it coming from my Hisense. Many thanks.


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Yes. I had it delivered yesterday. I’m actually quite impressed to be honest. Seems a big leap from my Hisense U7B. :thumbsup:

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