65" for a bright room £1k-£1.5k, QLED or OLED?


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Hello helpful people,

I need a new TV for a very bright room with a very large window on the perpendicular to where the TV will be mounted. I have read loads of threads on here and unfortunately I am still a little in the dark.

Usage: Netflix, prime etc only
No gaming
Looking at 65" plus

From what I have read QLED will give me the best chance of seeing the image in bright conditions.

I love the idea of the Sony XR65A80, but £2200 is a bit rich for a holiday home when it will get occasional use streaming. I would prefer £1200, but willing to stretch to £1500ish if it is worth it.

RS suggest the Samsung QE65Q70T - last years model at £949.

Should I be looking at QLED (just brighter LCD really) or OLED (budget aside).

Any advice welcome.




QLED really is just marketting, nothing about it that makes it better in brighter conditions.

Two things that will help in brighter conditions are:

1. Whether the TV has a good anti glare coating or not. In Samsung's 2020 lineup this starts with the Q85T.
2. How bright the TV can reach, this is also very important for HDR, where 1000 nit in a 2% window is recommended if you want to avoid issues with the picture when the TV plays HDR content.

The Samsung Q70T is not very good in either of these areas, it only has around 500 nits peak, which may be okay for SDR in a bright room, but not HDR.

You need to be setting your eyes at least on the Samsung Q85T, more preferably the Q90T/Q95T. Or waiting for the price of the newer range to come down in price. QN95A/QN9XA although the QN90A is best avoided in case you get an IPS panel.

The Sony 65A80J is a OLED TV, which is a different display technology to LCD (LCD=QLED) and it won't get as bright. They can still get brighter than most old TVs though, so even this probably will be fine in your room.

My suggestion if fighting glare is a priority is to look at the Samsung models I've suggested, don't be tempted to pay over the odds for 2021 stock though, its expensive right now and will remain so for some time. Usually Black Friday/Xmas sales each year is the best time to start shopping for those so you don't overpay.

EDIT* forgot to mention that you will probably want to manage light in your room when using HDR, even with the brightest of TVs. HDR masters are intended to be used in the dark, so you may still find the picture is too dark sometimes.


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Thank you as always for the advice, what you say makes total sense but also adds massively to my knowledge and awareness. I am nearly tempted to reuse my 5 yr old LG and replace that instead. Avoids worrying about glare as the room the LG is in is fine.


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Our room is mostly dark for watching except occasionally for tennis matches. The 2008 Plasma as been on since 10am and it's now 2p. We pause to stop catch up for commercials. The Tennis logo has been in the upper right hand corner the entire time. Other than this, we usually watch tv shows and occasional movies. My dilemma? Samsung QLED QN90A or LG C1 OLED. Same price right now for 65". I'm concerned about longevity and burn in (and glare). Any thoughts? Will the QN90A that supposedly is great in bright rooms be good in a dark room? Is the brightness really that much worse than the OLED? And are the blacks really noticeably less black?

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