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65"8k vs 75"4k


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As the title a samsung 65q900 or 75q9fn both be 80%gaming other 20 just general is there anyone who has had both many thanks,i sit 7-8 foot away and can control the lighting coming from a C6oled


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Don't waste your money on 8k at present. Have a read at this months what hifi.
They compare the q800r with the q9fn and conclude that there's absolutely no discernable difference between the two TV with upscaled content to 8k
There only difference is a few thousand pounds.
It's too early to adopt 8k. There won't be any content for years and at present both Sony and Samsung 8k TV aren't any better than their 4k brothers.
The 8k Samsung is much brighter (in the labs than the 4k version. In practice the extra brightness counts for nothing as images are virtually identical
And we have to factor in human limitations.we don't have infinity capacity to hear and see full spectrums. Therfore its entirely possible that much of the 8k upscaled content is invisible to the human eye and this is why the two images look identical
Forget lab scores as they are irrelevant. It's what we see in practice that matters.
At present avoid 8k. It's invisible.


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@Matson what was your verdict?thanks :smashin:

I would go for the bigger set. In this case the 4K set as 8K at 65 inches your going to be very pressed to notice the difference. I would say a 75 inch 8K set is the minimum size you want to see the benefits of 8K.

I owned a 75 Q9FN and currently an 75 q900 and I do see the difference between them. 4K and HD material in particular. Its not just the upscaling to 8K in a resolution increase that gives the benefits but also there is less edge ringing around objects, less anti aliasing and it improves colour aswell because you have 4 pixels of colour in the same space that a 4K set only has one. 8K native material is where you'll see the big difference as the native 8K material iv seen is stunning and has more depth and a 3D look to the picture. Once again though a 65 inch 8K set is pushing it. I would honestly either go for a 75 inch 8K set if you can afford it or go for the 75 inch 2019 4K set that is supposed to improve on the biggest weaknesses for last years sets.
Mainly viewing angles. Regarding brightness the 8K set I have does around 4300 nits in Dynamic but no one sensible is going to use that mode. In standard mode you get around 3400-3900 nits depending on which colour temp you use. So all in all a very bright set which has a huge impact on HDR material. Movie mode is around 2100 nits which for a dark room is more than enough. I personally stick to Standard and Warm 2 though as I like the huge amount of extra brightness and movie mode is quite dull and undersaturated on my set and without a professional calibration I prefere the extra brightness and saturation of standard mode with a warm 2 setting. The Q900 8K set also has better shadow detail and dimming control over the 2018 Q9FN so that can make a difference aswell.

Personally unless you can't go for a 75 inch 8K set I would wait for the 2019 4K range and go for that.


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Is the price worth it though? Rn the 2018 Q9FN 75" is priced at roughly 3900 US dollar.
The 2019 equivalent would be how much more? A ton, I'd say.

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