65-85" SDR panel for a bright room


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Hi, looking for a TV for my elders:
  • will be watched in very bright well lit room with only white walls and furniture in full daylight but also sometimes in complete darkness
  • SDR content only, 1080p or sometimes SD from tuner box input, no other inputs
  • straight on, no angles
  • movies, TV shows, news, no sports
  • no HDR, no games, no apps, no streaming
  • 65"-85", the larger the better because 5m viewing distance
  • the viewer is not as critical as an average avforums user
  • budget €500-€1000

So far I've found these:
  • Hisense 65U8QF €900
  • Hisense 65U7QF €700
  • Hisense 65B7500 €600 - 370 nits measured in some test, probably too low for me?
  • Hisense 75A7100F €800 - 75"! Can't find any brightness tests, anyone?
  • ??? any other recommendations, other brands available over here (Euro models): Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, LG, Sony, Hitachi, TCL, JVC, Toshiba, Hyundai, Manta, Thomson

Value for money is important as usual. Don't really want to spend on features that won't ever be used like HDR but focus on brightness, contrast ratio and perhaps upscaling. How many nits do I really need as a minimum? Is 370 nits too low? Which is the most important brightness test window size I should be looking for in tests? I noticed that the numbers for U8QF vary wildly between 10% ("industry standard") and other window sizes.

Mostly contemplating between U7QF and U8QF. What are the differences for my purposes between the two? Especially brightness and SDR SD/HD upscaling? Motion? Anything else out there?

A shout out to Dodgexander, thanks for all the work!
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The U8Q will be the brightest and cope with reflections and glare best. It also has very good local dimming which will make for better viewing in the dark. It does have its downsides though, such as a known motion blur problem, often seen on peoples faces. Pretty sure the U7Q will share this too, although not everyone notices it, and its more prevalent in HDR than SDR.

Next best would be a TV like the Samsung Q80T/Sony XH9005, the latter is about as bright as the Hisense U7Q but comes with better smart TV and local dimming. Its probably bright enough for SDR.

Other TVs are really not that bright, and probably won't make the cut..but a lot depends on how bright. Some people assume their room is the brightest when in fact any budget TV today will work well, whilst others do have obtrusively bright rooms and will have problems even with the brightest of TVs.

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