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I'm starting to think about upgrading my TV in the lounge. I currently have a 55inch curved LG OLED 930V, which is a great TV and has served me well over the years, but it's getting older and I would like a bit of extra size as well as HDR and 4k usage. I'm not sure whether to go 65" or 75" although I suspect 65 will be just fine.

Main usage is for Blu Ray viewing/Shield TV/Plex streaming and Sky Sports, so obviously I can move these up to 4k where the channels/supplier provides. All my content is put through a Denon AVR2300 currently, and I don't ever use smart features as I have the Shield. Would I be best served based upon the best buys with an LG BX/GX although I can't seem to find them in stock many places or is something else a better buy now?


Were in a transition right now between cheaper end of life 2020 TVs like the BX and CX and new 2021 TVs that replace them like the B1 and C1.

Unfortunately manufacturer raise the price of newly released TVs quite a bit, which makes it a bad time to buy currently if you are only searching for 2021 TVs.

The good thing is however is that there have been some great deals recently on other 2020 TVs, and LGs are not the only maker of OLEDs. So perhaps you could instead find a good deal on the Sony A8, Panasonic HZ980 or Philips OLED705 instead.


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Thanks for the response, not looking for latest and greatest, so will keep an eye out for deals on those TVs you've mentioned.


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Finally after some umming and arghing and almost hitting buy on a 65CX I decided to save a few quid and went for a Refurb Panasonic HZ980 from the outlet store which was £1120 after discounts applied.

Thanks for the advice and guides @Dodgexander.

Now to work out what to do with my old LG 930V :D

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