65" €500 budget - will the TVs get better @ Black Friday?


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I've just moved to Germany and need to buy *everything*, so I'm trying to stick to a tight budget. However, the new apartment has a ~4m distance from the screen I really want to maximise screen size. 65" is the largest my GF will allow :)
Viewing is straight on, mostly Netflix and Amazon Prime in a dimly lit room. I think for me black levels / uniformity and any sort of judder will be of most concern.

With Prime day and other similar deals, there are a few options at the €500 mark. Specifically:
Hisense 65AE7200F (€499) <-- What I'm leaning towards
Hisense 65BE7000 (€479)
TCL 65DB600 (€469)
Samsung GU65TU7079 (€549) (From what I can find I think it's a VA panel in Germany)
TCL 6C715 (€630) <-- A bit of a stretch, but could do this if the QLED is really worth it. I'm worried about the negative reviews talking about judder.

Am I realistically going to get a better TV in ~6 week at Black Friday for this sort of money? If so, I'd wait. What would that actually look like? I checked for the next models up, but something like a Hisense 65U7QF is currently €780 in Germany, so would need to fall by about 50% to be comparable.

If not, from what I gather the Hisense 7xxx series seems to be the best option?

Thanks for any advice!


Am I realistically going to get a better TV in ~6 week at Black Friday for this sort of money?
You should be able to, Black Friday is the first time the serious discounts hit. Nothing stands out on prime day, or from your list.

Generally every TV in this price range will suffer from judder. This is because the panels only refresh at 60hz and not a multiple of 24hz which is the refresh rate of film/streaming TV shows. You can read about it here: Judder-Free 24p On TVs - not everyone, including me, notice it.

There's a handful of models with 60hz panels that don't suffer from this, in Europe LG models are your best bet in this regard, they do not exhibit judder from internal or external sources. Other brands like Sony/Panasonic tend to only have judder from internal apps, but not via external sources. Sadly they use IPS type panels which may not be suited to your viewing conditions.

I'm pretty sure Hisense/TCL TVs all have 3:2 pulldown judder. Samsung certainly do, both internal and external on their 60hz TVs.

I'd personally target the U7Q since its a step up from the other models. Like most budget TVs its still not really capable with HDR, but it does get about half way there with some local dimming and higher peak brightness than a lot of other low end TVs. It shouldn't be far off the price of the other TVs when prices are more reasonable.


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Thanks @Dodgexander ! It's good to understand that waiting will still make a difference. That link was really helpful as well. I realise now that I don't see judder, but I think I've seen stutter before on some TVs. I stayed in a place previously that had a Samsung RU7079 and felt it looked fine for my needs. Will the budget Hisense models be similar?

I looked at price history for some 2019 TVs on Idealo, and it doesn't look like any mid-range 2019 TVs reached the €500 mark. E.g. the U7B lowest was €635 (and that was in August this year). Was 2020 a bit different for discounts because of corona?


The Samsung RU series certainly had pulldown judder, so the Hisense should be no different in that regard. You mention in your OP that black levels/uniformity is of concern, and the U7Q is the only TV priced this low to have local dimming to alleviate that somewhat.

I don't know if it will get as low as €500 but it should get close to the price of the TCL C715.

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