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Looking to go from not owning any TV at all to a 65” Will watch movies and shows on Netflix etc. a bit of sports. No gaming. Will be on our bedroom wall-the room isn’t too bright.

Having trouble because I have no frame of reference. I don’t know what I like.. no experience with OLED or QLED or any LED.

Research has led me to the Samsung QN 95a, LG C1 or a bit more expensive Sony XR A80J.

Or should I just get a cheaper tv since I’m used to a laptop anyway??

Looking for ease of use as well as picture quality. People seem to love the Sony but my friend who is into TVs swears by Samsung’s os.

Any advice? I’d love to buy it today..



QLED and LED are LCD TVs.
OLED is a different display technology.

In a bedroom most people would argue OLED is best because they have perfect blacks, LG C1 or Sony A80J, or any OLED is fine, differences between each small.

There's no value in cheaper TVs nowadays due to HDR, although you could consider paying less for a TV like the Philips OLED706 compared to say the A80J or LG C1.

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