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64gb Ipad off ebay for £186... HELP!


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I know you are all probably already thinking 'what a fool!' but i just purchased and Ipad from ebay for £186. They claim it is 64gb and have various other electronics for sale but currently no feedback. I have not paid yet as i wanted to get some proof from the seller that the ipad is genuine. So far they have been very shifty and will not give me a personal image of the ipad. I'm sure that i am asking the obvious, but it is probably a fake right, and i shouldn't pay up?
Thanks in advance


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Ask for collection address? Or if they won't give that, report them.

Certainly a fake or a scam. Or perhaps just stolen from someone.


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I notice the 8-10 days delivery time. Thats pretty long for something alledgedly coming from Yorkshire. I suspect maybe it is coming from China.


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It's way to cheap the 16GB is still worth £250.

This is a 64GB. I think the old saying if it's too good to be true it probably is and as a seller you would not sell an item like that for that sort of price.

But they tend to get people bidding. Usually people with zero feedback get a lot less for an item it's always best to sell small things to build up a reputable feedback on eBay first.

So I its defo a scam too cheap.

Professor Chaos

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stay away. He cant give you a negative rating but if he carries on being shifty you can just neg him :)


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It is eligible for buyer protection but tbh i think i will just avoid the risk, i expect that if i went ahead i would be sent a fake 'android' tablet in an apple box! Thanks for the advice guys!

Professor Chaos

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oh the wonders of being a ebay seller

I know what you mean. :( not being able to retaliate as a seller is one reason why I dont sell on ebay any more.


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shaggy_x said:
stay away. He cant give you a negative rating but if he carries on being shifty you can just neg him :)

Yes but doesn't eBay give you a non-payer strike or something? (Provided the seller reports you)


Something of that value i would ONLY collect paying cash.
Do you not have anyone over that neck of the woods who can collect on your behalf?
I work mate at a different branch, a relative, even a member on here who you trust?

Seeing as though he has no feedback ask him to post first, it works on AVF.

If not, walk away.

I find it VERY strange that someones very FIRST sale would be an ipad. You usually test the water with cheap things first.
Having said that, i bought my 64gb iPad 1 a month or so ago for £300 off a new seller, and went to see it first and collected paying cash. There was no trouble at all.


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