64 or 32 bit?


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Be just bought an SSD to use as my primary drive and do it'll need a fresh install of windows 7. Last time I went 32 bit as there appeared to still be a few compatibility issues with some software and 64 bit.

So is it worth going 64bit now? What kind of advantages will it give me over 32 bit?


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Hi been run windows 7 64bit for 9 months I've had no problems a lot of my software was brought when i run vista 32 bit and it all worked fine
64 bit will work with 3gb of ram or more of course as for advantage's its said to be faster
i think the only gain is it uses you ram better the 32 bit version only uses up to 3gbs but am sure some one will differ
I found the advantage was when video rendering which used well over 5gb and was a 1/3 faster
if you got more than 3gb of ram and the software you got is not pre XP I think it a good move


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Thats right 32 bit only has enough addressing for around 3.25 GB of RAM whereas 64 bit can address 2 to the power 64 or also known as 'enough'.

You should have no problem running 64bit and is the sensible way forward if you plan on more than 4GB of RAM. However avoid the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer and only run the the 32 bit version as M$ crippled the 64bit version. Both get installed when you install 64bit.

I have been running 64bit ever since it came out and have had no compatibility issues.


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Cheers folks, drive installed, windows 64bit running and all software installed without issues it seems. Nice to see Windows finally recognise that I have 4GB of memory too :D

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