60UP80006LR issues


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Hi Folks

This 60UP80006LR set seems to suffer from an issue I have never seen on any other LED TV before. When there is fast moving motion on the screen, some objects can leave a red smear behind then on the screen for a fraction of a second.

It is most noticeable with peoples eyes which are dark, and then when the person moves, thier eyes appear red for a small moment.

This set replaced a 47" LG LED 47LM620T set, and I have never seen anything similar on that set, or any other LED screen, LG or otherwise.

Second issue are the colours viewing from side angles, on the old 47" screen there was a steady degredation in colour as you moved to more extreme view angles, and that colour degredation was not even noticable anyway.

On this new 60" screen there is a definite "cliff edge" angle where the colours drop off and look washed out. Dark colours can even appear to have a green tinge to them at these angles.

The cliff edge angle is not even that extreme, maybe 30" off center

I bought this set as I thought it was an IPS screen, but it does not behave like any ther IPS screen I have seen before.
It seems technologically inferior and a step backwards from the older 47LM620T set.

Any insights into these issues would be welcome.


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I did some research on my own, apparently in the UP80 range some screen sizes are IPS and some are VA. So that explains the colours at 40 degrees view angles. the 60" is a VA screen, this makes me sad.
I would never have bought this if i knew it was VA, we need the viewing angle of IPS.

Why would they complicate matters like this when all the models are called UP80. The IPS / VA information isnt even on the LG web site specs.

The red smearing remains unexplained however.

It just goes to show what a minefield it is buying a new TV.

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