60uf7300-ut Wired Network Issue


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Hello. I've had my 60uf7300-ut TV for a few years but have only been experiencing this issue for a few months now.

Everytime I turn my TV on it appears that it is disconnected from my wired network connection. I have to go into the network settings on the tv and leave it for a few seconds to kick-start the connection.

The wireless has never seemed to work with this TV which is why I have it connected via ethernet.

What caught my attention first is that my YouTube app on my phone can't find my TV. Nor can my LG app. Second, when opening Plex it says the network isn't connected.

I've scanned online and tried resetting the tv, changed the country, manual set the time/date and have even rebooted my router/modem.

Nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts at all for me?


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Router setting perhaps? An issue with DHCP renewals maybe, or perhaps a power setting that’s putting the network to sleep.



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The last time I changed any router settings was well over a year ago but I'll have a look into those suggestjons. Thank you.
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