60Hz to 120Hz inline converter?


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Hey guys I have a special project that has a unusual need and I can't seem to find one particular component. Would appreciate some help.

I need to convert a 60Hz 1080P HDMI signal into a 120Hz 1080P signal via frame blending, interpolation or other technique - but the tricky part is I need a realtime hardware solution that is less than 1 lbs and either passive or can run off a tiny 5V power bank.

The situation is a laptop is sending its final video feed uncompressed over a 5Gz wireless radio signal but can only do 60Hz video so I want to boost the signal to 120Hz on the other side before finally going into a handheld screen capable of displaying 120Hz (as well 144Hz and 165Hz if it helps).

So I guess what I'm describing is a portable 60Hz to 120Hz inline converter. Does something like that exist? I can't find it. Help

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