60hz problem


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Just got Top Spin 2 delivered yesterday after purchasing it in the Play.com sale, went to play it last night and I get the onscreen message that the game will not play and to change my console to PAL 60.

Problem is, my console IS set to PAL 60. I've got PES6 which is a 'PAL 60 only' game and that works fine!

TV is a Panny TH42PX60B connected with the component HD cable... any ideas?



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I had the same problem with this game. You have to switch to a non hd setting (the switch on the component cable) to allow the settings to be changed. Switch back to hd on the cable and you should be good to go.

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The FAQ does answer the question, but unfortunately neither the FAQ are the 360 dashboard are phrased very well, and I appreciate that. I shall update it!

If you haven't carried out those steps in the FAQ, you need to do so. I did, and have not had the 60Hz error since.


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All sorted now. Thanks for your help chaps. :smashin:

Still a bit strange that PES6 worked fine - obviously it can't be a 'PAL 60 only' game as it suggests on the cover?

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