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602s3 to mission m53

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by zoolander, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. zoolander


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    Hi guys,new member here,but not a newbie in hifi/HT world:lesson: .I am known as ultrasonic on another forum so some of you guys may know who i am already:) Ive managed to find a buyer for my B&W602 s3 so im now looking for a new pair of stereo speakers for hifi only.Im really keen on the mission m53 as they look gorgeous and i have had countless pairs of budget mission speakers before and have always been impressed by their gr8 sound for a very reasonable price.These are quite expensive for missions so my guess is that they should sound alot better than the B&Ws.Do any of you guys own them?Any mini reviews will be greatly apreciated:cool: basically i am looking for deeper bass and firmer stereo imaging and smoother miderange:clap: My partnering kit will be Marantz cd6000Ki sig,Pm7200 amp,VdH D102 mkIII bullet#'d I/C and QED silver anni speaker cable.Cheers


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