60" Pioneer - any still about?


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Was planning on delaying my TV purchase for a while, but think I might have to bite the bullet soon before they all disappear.

Have I got a hope in hell of finding a KRP-600A anywhere or are they long gone?

How about the LX6090?

If Pioneer plasma's really have disappeared forever, what's my best bet? The Pannys only seem to go up to 50". Should I wait until the next generation appear? Any ideas when that will be?

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GET ONE, they are unfrigginbelievable!

Yeah, LEConcepts seem to be able to get them.. I got mine from there, so did my dad, so did Yelnek. Best bit of kit I've ever bought, they are stunning.


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Just for info for anyone else looking, LEConcepts are now out of stock. (Sold the last one whilst I was on the phone to them today! Argh!). Meither could I find any anywhere else (Krishav are showing as in stock online, but not open today - didn't want to risk waiting)

However LEConcepts still have a few of the 6090H. The guy I spoke to assured me that Pioneer UK recognise these as UK stock for warrenty purposes since LEConcepts have some agreement allowing them to import (He mentioned one other shop which has this agreement but I forget what it was).

I nabbed one, so just two left now I think. Be quick! :thumbsup:
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