60 inch lcd tv 9 feet away eye strain.


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Hello i have a Sharp LC-60E79U. And whenever i am watching tv i get the horrible eye strain. I have the settings set so its not bright at all since i thought that was the issue but its not still my eyes hurt after only a couple minutes of viewing..
The tv is about 9 and a half feet away. Since according to the world that's a good placement for 720p and 1080p content.

Is there something i can do to help with this issue.

I usually watch tv at night in the dark but even with the lights on my eyes still hurt.

Thank you.

I have film mode turned off and

Fine Motion Enhanced turned on


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that is really unfortunate.

I have the 70 inch 836E sharp set and sit 9 feet away with no issues at all.

sorry not much help to you however :(


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Hi, not sure how relavent these will be given it is a different set but i got my settings from flatpanelsHD
maybe they have the settings for your model?

if there is a flast motion mode i havent seen it so not touched it.

Sharp 70LE835E / 70E735U review - FlatpanelsHD

Viewing mode: Movie
Backlight +6
Contrast +30
Brightness: +1
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0
OPC On/Off
Color gamut range Standard
Color temp. Mid-low
Scanning backlight 200 Scan
Gamma adjustment +1
Film mode Off
Active contrast Off
DNR Auto
R Gain (LO) +3
G Gain (LO) -2
B Gain (LO) -2
R Gain (HI) +10
G Gain (HI) -9
B Gain (HI) -7

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Have you tried biased lighting ? There's a thread in the Plasma section on creating an Ambilight effect on tvs. I use an Ideal Lume behind my tv myself ,which I quite like.

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