-6 Vertical Keystone correction - Okay to use?


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My projector is Sony HW50es- Screen is 106inch fixed frame elite cinewhite 1.1 and viewing distance is 12 feet.

Will i lose serious pic quality or insignificant?

I would like to see your opinions

Thank you

Cem- ps: sorry for my english


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Any keystone correction will degrade image quality, so is best avoided.


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Agree 100% but some people can't see any difference so

Only if they're sat facing the wrong way ;)

But seriously something is very wrong if you're having to apply keystone to a projector with lens shift.


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How I have my projector at the moment, I have to use keystone - no choice (I have no lens shift, BTW).

I used to not have to use it. Since having to use it I've noticed no difference in PQ. Since starting to use it I've had my PJ ISF calibrated, including looking for stepping, jaggies, etc, and to be honest you have to look pretty hard on demanding test material (used by the calibrator) to see anything.

In an ideal world, given the choice, I'd not use it. But if you have to I don't think it's the completely disaster some make it out to be.

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