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Dec 16, 2002
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I was wondering does anyone here run a 6 Series Panasonic with a non progressive DVD player. If so how 'poor' is the picture quality and how do you have it connected. I am querying this as I have an old Pioneer with S-Video and Component but no progressive ability (its a USA player circa 1999/2000). Just want to see if I could get any use out of it or will I have to invest in a newer decent player e.g. Arcam 88+/868/Denon 2900 etc..

I have just upgraded from a Sony 900 to a Sony 930 to get prog scan on my Panny 6.

TBH, the difference is not that great on most discs, but there is an improvement.

If your non-prog player is reasonably good, I would suggest trying it via component and seeing if you are happy with the result.

A lot of people on the forums are getting good results with cheaper (c£200) players on the Panny6, so you would not necessarily have to go as far as a 2900 if you did decide to upgrade.
am using arcam dv88 non prog via component on my pw6, posted question about having arcam upgraded to prog scan general feeling was i would notice very little differance in pq and it was certainly not worth £350 for the upgeade

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