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In early November I decided to replace my ageing Phillips TV, my first choice was a Panasonic 28PS1, a few weeks later that went back due to a horrible distortion in the middle of the screen and a loud humming sound. Over the next six months I have had quite a few Panasonics, Sony and Phillips. The latest is the PD30 which simply does not like RGB and svideo produces soft picture with low resolution, in fact it looks a lot like my very old portable.

Each unit was rejected by the Comet engineers as being faulty. I have bought different cables, moved equipment around just in case of some kind of interference, but fundamentally all the sets have had big problems. I have tried several different DVD players and two different on-digital boxes just in case they were faulty

I am now losing the will to live. All I want is a TV which has a good clear picture so that I can watch DVDs and normal TV.

I originally went out to buy a £400 TV and at each stage I bought a more expensive one in the vain hope this would help.

Can anyone assist?

Cynthia 7

Hi LondonDecca,

You seem to have been pretty unlucky with your different sets. It's a lot of money to pay out for not perfect sets. I'm glad that at least you had replacements or your money back.

I have just bought the Philips PW9618 and I'm really delighted with this set. The picture is crisp, clear and natural. The sound is amazing for built in speakers. Philips are bringing out a much improved version of the 28" and 32" models in the next two months. You can read about it in the news page of Home Cinema Choice. Go to the Official forums of (top left of this page beneath AV FORUMS. Click on Home Cinema Choice. It is the news item of 20.2.04. You may have seen it already.

You may well have tried the PW9618 with your previous purchases but these new sets could be just the ticket!

Several people seem to be inclined to 50 Hz sets and often the picture is very good on those. I had to laugh "you are losing the will to live" , I do understand that sentiment. We had a top Grundig 32" set, which gave up last year, pretty old. When it was eighteen months old the tuner failed. Then a few months later something else happened. That year there were four repairs and I felt like you did. We had to cart it 25 miles away each time and it was a ton weight. It fell out of our wheelbarrow on the way to the car onto concrete but incredibly survived. I said "That's it, I hope it's never going to work and we can get a new different set" It lasted another twelve years!

Let us know what you end up and good luck it's a perfect one!
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