6 Month Old Amstrad Replaced With Refurb Pace.


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A bit of quick advice from any 'experts' here please.

My 6 month old Amstrad, that had developed a fault, has today been replaced with a refurbished Pace unit and I'm told this is now guaranteed for the next six months as if it was the original unit.

The engineer said it was the best he could do as my Amstrad was 6 months old and that the Pace unit that he replaced it with was virtually brand new.

I have been treated correctly and fairly and should accept this unit or complain for a better/new unit?

I'm away so my wife was there when Mr Sky called.

Thanks for any help.


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first 28 days it gets sent back for a new box, after that it is up to their discretion, normally the faulty box would either be replaced with another "used/ refurbed" (whatever you want to call it) or the original box would be repaired, and the customer loaned a box in the meantime.

I used to work for an independant, there is literally nothing we can do, if we pair your card to the NDS number of the new box, sky wont pay us the fee we get (when you pay £49 for a box, we might have to pay say £200000, and sky would refund us the rest of the box).

Its how their system works I am afraid. I suppose as long as the unit works for 12 months, then the warranty is correct, it could break down 50000 times, and be repaired but after 12 months they are not really interested. IMO, they have so many boxes to "look after" they cant physically afford to give each customer a brand new box every time something goes wrong, which given the number of customers, even 1% failure rate is a lot of people.

I had to obide by the rules, but didnt like them.


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What do you think of the pace over the amstrad faster and better sd ? Or just the same



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Recently got HD - went through 4 Amstrad boxes in 5 weeks then got a Pace refurb (new epg & working HDMI contrast). Wasn't too chuffed with having a refurb after such a short time, but it is way better. SD & HD picture is better as I can now turn the contrast down so it isn't clipping, I like the new epg and most importantly for me subtitles are synced and not 3+ seconds in advance of dialogue.

I gather there's a lot of Pace refurbs coming into channels now - recalls from the trapped HD wire thing. They may be up to a year old, but not necessarily that hard used. I gather no HD box lasts that long, so who can tell? One thing for sure is Amstrad are utter crap - Sugar is a conman who gives the electronics industry (my industry) a bad name - I know he sold to Sky but they are keeping his phenomenally low standards alive.


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I'd call getting a Pace as a replacement for an Amstrad a result. I'd never touch a Amstrad again from my experience with them.


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Many people are happy with the Amstrad box though, i bet you a pound to a penny of excrement the Thomson and Pace HD boxes were the worst on the planet at some point given the wonderful track record they have had.

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