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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by bizarrefish, Nov 21, 2002.

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    This is a long winded question but I hope someone can help.

    My current setup :

    KEF KHT2500 5.1 Speaker Package
    Yamaha 630 AV Amp (6.1 Channel)
    Rectangular room 3.5x6.5m
    Centre Speaker in centre of 3.5m wall, fronts 1m either side. Rears at back of room in the corners. Seating postion is roughly in the middle biased to the rear slightly.

    I am thinking of moving up to a 6.1 system as my amp supports it.

    Am I best to replace the centre speaker with an alternative and use the Kef as the 6th channel to get better clarity on the dialogue?

    Reading on-line references they state that the rear's should ideally be placed to the left and right of the seating position. As I have channelled the rear speaker cabling in I am reluctant to do this.

    Can I keep the two rear Kef's in place but wire them both to the single 6th output of the amp to use as the rear centre? Will this damage the amp? With this in mind I would then buy a further two kefs for the left and right rears to sit either side of me.

    Many thanks for the help anyone can give.



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