6.1 or 7.1..what shall i use with my new receiver??

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by zeltak, Jul 7, 2004.

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    Hi guys!

    I just bought the new Yamaha RX-V750. I also bought the wharfdale diamond 8.4 floor speakers and the same series center (8.4). I already had a pair of bose 201 series 2 speakers and 3 small white speakers from a set a friend had by Mb Quart (I think they are satellites…though they aren't that small). Now my dilemma is whether to go for the 6.1 configuration, thus buying another rear center and using only the wharfdale and bose sets, or going for the 7.1 config and thus using all my speakers so that the wharfdale act as fronts and center, the bose rear (or middle… the ones that were rear in 5.1) speakers and the 2 mb Quarts as the behind the head (or whatever they call it speakers ;-). So basically I have 2 questions.. 1) what is the better config for me and more important 2) if I do choose the 7.1 config which speakers are more important and need better quality, the ones on the sides or the ones all the way back? I appreciate any help I can get since I became quite lost once we passed the 5.1 mark :)

    Thx a lot in advance


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