6.1/7.1 question

Sorry if this has already been answered but I've had a look around and can't find the answer.

I've got a Denon 3802 and I'm planning on buying another pair of speakers so that it's a 7.1 setup. Am I right in thinking that DTS-ES and DD EX are 6.1 and that only THX Ultra II and DPLIIx are 7.1? In this case would the only configuration to use 7.1 on my amp be the 7.1 channel stereo?

I was planning on getting a pair of eggs or something as my rears and leave the current side effect speakers as they are. If I'm in 6.1 mode i.e. DTS-ES and DD EX will the rear "6th" (I believe it's matrixed) channel come from both rear speakers or will it come from 1? If it only comes from 1 then it would make much more sense to have just a single centre rather than 2 rears, wouldn't it?



there is one signal to both speakers however there is a seperate amplifier to each speaker. it gives a wider field, and also works much better if you use 7 channel stereo when listening to stereo soundtracks!


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There is no such thing as 7.1 6.1 has a mono rear channel and 7.1 is a split channel behind it to spread the sound around you.:lesson:

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