5th Gen Pannasonic Plasma


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Just thought I would share this info I just stumbled across while on my daily troll of Plasma Pricing, wishing I could find a one time special offer of £50 for a nice new Panny 42"! :D

Anyway, I had a look at Ivojo and saw that they are listing the new 5th Gen plasma's in their pricing structure.

The lower model of the 42" is approximately £3500 from these chaps which was a nice surprise as I was expecting the pricing to rocket again for a while. :cool:

As an aside, does anyone know why the next Tosh clone is not going to be a Panny?


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Have you used this company before?

The reason I ask is that I am thinking about purchacing a PJ from them?


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I thought the 5th gen were going to have a higher panel resolution?

ivojo.co.uk have it listed as 852*480 ???

vvvvv good price though ... I paid £4500 for a 4th gen earlier this year :(


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There are 2 models at 42" - SD at 852x480 and the new HD model with 1024x768 (plus internal fans). The HD is obviously more expensive.


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No m8, although they are on my list of dealers for when I have the dosh together to finally get my Plasma.

I asked the same question when I was first pointed out Ivojo and was assured that they are a reputable dealer. (Effing good prices to :D )


You are right, there are two 5th Gen 42" Panny's

The one you saw is the "Standard Definition" panel which is the same resolution as the 4th Gen, however brightness has been improved I think as well as a few other bits and bobs.

The other 42" Panny you see on Ivojo's web site with POA on the price section, is the High Definition model which will cost a bit more (I am just guessing, but probably £1K more or so)

Dependent on the price of the HD model, I will probably stick with the SD model as I don't think we will need to worry about HDTV for quite a few years yet.


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Dunno m8, but I hope not!

Same with the current 4th Gen, if I get one...I hope it either doesn't buzz, or I just don't notice it. :D

Joe Fernand

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Hello all

Received my new Panasonic D5 plasma brochure at last - only got one mind so a very orderly queue had to ensue outside the company reading room (gents loo).

The new 'D' series (Charcoal) line up is as follows:

TH-50PHD5BX - 50" HD, 1366x768 pixels, 3000:1 contrast ratio
TH-42PHD5BX - 42" HD, 1024x768 pixels, 3000:1 contrast ratio
TH-42PWD5BX - 42" SD, 852x480 pixels, 3000:1 contrast ratio
TH-37PWD5BX - 37" SD, 852x480 pixels, 3000:1 contrast ration

Strangely enough the brochures dont quote any brightness figures for any of the panels - though pre release info I have states that 50" HD panel is 300cd
42" HD panel is 250cd
42" SD panel is 400cd
37" SD panel is 330cd

These figures are the SET brightness - that is where the reading is taken from in front of a fully assembled display and not just from a 'bare' plasma panel with no filters in place.

The two SD displays dont have fans - and hopefully have a less noisy power supply!

The two HD displays do have fans - temperature controlled I am led to believe.

The HD displays produce 1024 shades of grey when fitted with the BNC terminal board and 2048 shades of grey when fitted with the DVI terminal board.
No Grey Scale figures are mentioned for the SD models - I'll need to do a bit more digging I guess. (NOTE DVI is not an option on the 37" display)

All of the panels have a new improved glass front filter and improved blue phosphors - like Pioneer this seems to be a big area for developing more accurate colours and longer life expectancy; though Pioneers PDP-433MXE looks on paper to be way ahead of the field on brightness and colour reproduction.

There is a new pedestal stand - boomerang shaped in plan view; so maybe easier to place a small centre channel on the desktop.

Price wise if we stick our normal (dwindling) margin onto the new TH-42PWD5BX it will be around £250.00 more than our current price for a TH-42PWD4BX - though the bigger discounters may very well try and push the price down to the same level as the current D4.

The 42" HD price has not been announced as yet - Pioneer have really stolen a lead with its new 433MXE pricing.

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards


PS Please note there is also a new 5B (Silver) line up but I dont deal directly with Panasonic Consumer so whilst I have some spec sheets I cant confirm if they are accurate or not as yet.

Kirk - there seems to be a bit of a debate about which manufacturer Toshiba will be 'cloning' for its next Euro spec models. If you look at Toshiba Japans web site there are press release from a few months back about a new three year (from memory) tie in with NEC but I have heard that there may well continue to be a tie in with Panasonic in Europe for the next year or so - need to do some more digging! OH and I guess that in the final decision its MONEY that will dictate if they go with one manufacturer or another!


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Cheers Joe, you truly are a top bloke! (and Scottish too, which is always a good thing!) :D

Do you have any ideas when the 5th Gen will actually hit the shelves, commercial or consumer units?

Natch, I hope the don't actually HIT the shelves, more carfully placed on them with TLC. :clown:


I think its worth mentioning the 5 series are compatible with the new slimline pansonic tuner and the older series are not.This is allegedly a cockup on panasonics behalf but if you purchase the older model there is a an upgrade to the dmr 30 dvd recorder for the same price as the tuner available, All abit immaterial thoigh cos all analouge tuners wont be with us for much longer me thinks.

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Thanks for the info Joe. Comments on how the new 5 series (either SD or HD) compare with the Pioneer panels would be extemely helpful.

Can anybody recommend somewhere in London, preferably south or west, where I could see a decent demonstration of the Panasonic and Pioneer plasma screens? Somewhere where the kit has been set up probably and is being fed a decent signal via component connections.




The best place to see plasmas in London is probably Harrods, Selfridges or Visionery in Crawford Street (near Baker Street)

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