5CH/6CH Stereo Mode - Only Denon amps?


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I have just seen the Denon 1803 which has a 5CH/6CH Stereo mode. This puts out exactly the same sound from all speakers with no processing or delays.

This seemed a very good idea and great for certain Music.

Do only Denon amps have mode or is it available on other AV amps/receivers?


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Yes, yamaha have a DSP program called 5Ch stereo.
(Hmm! That's quite a general statement when I can only 100% vouch for my DSP AX620 :p )


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Ditto for the Pioneer VSX909. 7ch stereo they call it. Quite a sense of humour these AV engineers!! :D :D




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Hi ,
I use the 8 channel stereo on the Yamaha DSP-AX2 for music and it is fantastic sound even for cds.



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My Marantz 4200 has one of these modes but I don't like these modes, I prefer either 2ch stereo or DPLII for music. everyone to their own though.

Charlie Whitehouse

Even the mighty Theta Casablanca II has one of these modes, called not unreasonably, "Party Mode". No excuse to use it though... :( :blush:


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The ARCAM AV8 also has this mode, called party.

As an aside to Orbital, Stereo was origonaly derived from the Greek word for Solid, so it in fact means solid sound and clearly you can have as many speaker as you like to make solid sound. (didn't want people to start thinking we had a sense of humour, that would never do )

Although it is true that alot of dictionarys now describe it in the form it is used in in common language to mean an audio system with two speakers.

Andy (ARCAM)


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As everyone would suggest it is down to personal taste and whatever individuals are happy with themselves.....Let your ears do the decision making when listening.......



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My Yamaha 530RDS has a 5ch mode also...missus loves it for her music and even tries to watch TV with it...as you say each to their own!!


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Do we think Mark.balcombe has enough feedback?
How about turning it into a ":( My amp doesn't have a 5/6/7/8 Channel Mode!" thread?


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My Yammy 730 has 6ch stereo with which it outputs whatever through all the speakers. I presume that this would sound best in all your 6 speakers were the same? Must have a bloody big room!!!
My only question re this is, how does it do the stereo? Is it left and right channel (if so then how do they figure the centre front and rear?) or is it front to back? That would be weird!!!

BTW does anyone know if I can wrangle 6.1 from DPL2??


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