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Apr 29, 2002
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Has anyone had their combo fixed re RGB and NTSC region 1?
Have you tried doing a search using ther term "DVCO"?
There are loads of threads detailing the fix to the service menu of Panasonic TV's.
I was going to buy Pioneer 565 until I read about the RGB R1 banding problem (which can be fixed, it seems) and the weak 5.1 analogue subwoofer output.
I found this when I was trying to find a cure can you let me know if it works?

The problem is known to Panasonic. The cure is an adjustment to the "Digital Voltage Control Oscillator" (DVCO).

The DVCO is altered via the service control menu, this menu is accessed by:

> Bass to Max
> Treble to Min
> Press Prog Down on TV and Index on the remote
> Red or Green button navigates the menus
> Yellow or Blue button alters values
> Store to save changes
> End to leave
I haven't tried it, a little worried I may balls it up, I wouldn't know what was the safe settings to work within either.

Of the research I have done it has recommended avoided altering this setting, I am coping with the safe option of using S video or a second player, it does cheese me off though.

I am amassing kit, all with one gripe but different to each other and it goes from presently used to in storage or in the bedroom...

So far..

565 Good for dual audio (not the best) and -R, poor RGB NTSC

900v Very good SACD, RGB NTSC,
poor -R

Yamaha S540 currently being used for R1, a bit low tech, still under the spotlight but it has skipped once, shown a line of strange text whist on slow advance and I am sure lost lip sync
but after running the whole disc seemed ok.

I thought the 565 would have been the ideal player and in theory it will be for most people, it is unfortunate that I am not easily pleased, I may just sell everything on and try to just watch movies rather than analyse the picture ... Not likely though is it!!
Tried the DVCO change, it is better but now way good enough,
the inteference is there but intermittent.

I'm in the same boat.
Very reluctant to start tinkering with the service menu, as fixing one problem might create several others.
As far as I can tell, this only occurs on certain R1 DVDs - not had a problem with R2.
I've therefore connected as follows :
AV2 SCART - DVD via S-Video to SCART
Use RGB loopthrough on DVD player for SKY+, and then just flick onto S-Video for any problem disks.
Bit fiddly, but I'm (reasonably) happy !


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