55u7b for 500€ or Pan 58gx830 for 699?


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Pretty much the title, as i can buy an u7b without taxes (i dont pay taxes on amazon.es) this tv will set me back for 500€ and i can buy a full price on a retail store the pan 58gx830 for 200€ more, im wondering if its worth it, and theres also a Lg 55B9 for 1000€ but i dont feel confortable whit the possibility of burn in as i tend to leave the tv on the android tv menu for a while...
Or should keep my eyes on prices and wait for next deals?

Watching conditions are low light and internet streams, 40% netflix and 60% other sources, some low quality. Right now i have a plasma samsung 50b430 1080p and its working no problems, colour accuracy always been bad, but no motion or blur issues and dont want to give up on these...

Im searching for some time, and its kinda a laboures task, as i dont have a definitive budget just want a good deal and i wonder alot when the law of diminishing returns kicks in...

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