55pus7334 TV picture issue


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Good evening all.

I'm wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction. Just recently I've noticed a bar at the top of the screen which looks live it's several frames out from the rest of the screen. If I play iptv, Netflix etc it's fine, it's just when watching TV through satellite.

Since this started happening, I've ran a firmware update which made no difference.

Thoughts are possibly the dish or lnb but it's worked perfectly fine up until a couple of weeks back.

I'v included I short video below. The TV is only about 3 months old.



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So the video upload kept failing, here's some images.

IT seems like it's fine until there's quite a bit of movement on whatever is playing.

Thanks again


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Hi mate, I've been looking into this in another thread here if you want to see my findings so far (Philips 70PUS8555 Screen issue) and I've raised it with Philips. I'm pretty sure it's occurring if you go to an HDMI source that is in Game mode. I fix it by going out of Game mode before using the TV normally, or switching to another HDMI source that isn't in Game mode. I'd be very interested to see if this is the case for you as I'd like to give as much evidence to Philips as possible to hopefully get it resolved soon.


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Hi Jonno. Thanks for that. As it happens, I was on my ps4 when you replied. Picture format in the game was set to HDR Vivid. I checked the channels and couldn't fault it. I then exit the game and back onto the PlayStation UI, the Picture format then changed back to Game. Checked the channels and that bar at the top has returned! Back onto the Ps4 and changed the picture format from Game to Natural, recheck and picture is now fine!
Although I never leave the Ps4 on, I leave it in rest mode. This would explain why the channels weren't working.

I will difinaltely be having a read through your thread soon. Will be interesting to see if Phillips manage to resolve this with just an update.

Thanks again


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Just to add to my frustration, possibly completely irrelivant. I have lost my Favorite channels lift. This isn't the end of the world for me as I can just re-create one however I've also lost the option to create a new favorites list.

From home, I press TV > Press OK > Press + > No option here to create a list.

Think I'll try again in the morning.

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