55PUS6703 ARC and TV menus


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Hi all, having a mission with this and an LG SK8 soundbar. I’ve been trying to play around with many different permutations of this however I can’t seem to get it working correctly.

What I was trying to do is plug my 4K Firestick and PS4 into HDMI ports 2&3 and then use a cable from HDMI 1 to the ARC port on the soundbar. This all works except for if I want to enter the TV menus or change source which pop up but almost immediately close.

i think the HDMI cable is fine as it plays Atmos content and conversely there are no issues if I plug the Firestick into the soundbar and put this HDMI cable into either port 2 or 3. This is what I am doing at the moment and using an optical cable for the PS4 or native tv content but it seems a bit sloppy.

Has anyone experienced this before or know what may be wrong?


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I have a similar setup but with the Sony HT-X8500 but the menus work fine and as expected so don't know what to say?


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I may bite the bullet and get a premium certified hdmi cable just in case. Any recommendations that won’t break the bank?


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I’m connected to a Denon amp via HDMI 2 but the tv always kicks me out of the settings/input menu unless I’m really quick on the ok button, would an optical lead connection help(if your sound bar has one)


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I think I have a resolution for this, got a new hdmi cable and it was exactly the same so tried to narrow the problem down.

Didn’t happen with just the TV source or the PS4 so Firestick it was, disabled CEC control as I’m able to manage the TV and soundbar through the devices menu. Working OK now it seems so hoping that lasts!

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