55pus6703 and TCL TS9030 sound bar issues


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I've recently had to upgrade my sound system to the above and I'm having issues availing of dolby atmos content.

I've tried a number of work arounds but to no avail.

I wanted to utilise both my sky q box and the internal apps from the TV as the sky q has no HDR support with these currently.

I plugged the sky box into HDMI two then connected to soundbar to HDMI one arc. I then changed the sound output to dolby digital plus which I understand should be supported via arc?

The result being the sky box and the internal apps on the sky box have slightly distorted sound but terrible lip sync issues. The internal apps on the TV seem to work fine and the sound bar recognises dolby atmos when appropriate.

When I change the sound output on the TV to multichannel bit stream, this resolve the issues with the distorted sound but audio feed on the sound bar then shows dolby digital or PCM. Interestingly internal Netflix app on the TV still shows dolby atmos on the sound but if I'm correct that's not possible over arc without is being compressed to dolby digital plus?

The other option I tried was putting the sky q box direct to the the sound bar, then the sound bar to hdmi and forgot about arc. The issue obviously then is I've no sound from the internal apps on the TV and the sky apps don't support hdr and we'll as not having prime.

I hope that makes sense, has anyone encountered similar issues.

Essentially I want the HDR abilities of the TV internal apps and I want dolby atmos but it seems I can't have both? I've no idea why hdmi is isn't hdcp 2.2 which would solve the issue?

Thanks in advance.



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I have the 6754 model and had similar issues my TV only shows multi channel and multi channel (bypass)

Philips said it use multichannel bypass for Atmos on Netflix.

Do you get DD on sky box and YouTube TV app?

I'm only get pcm on both but Atmos and DD on Netflix andnps4


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I got mixed up with the terminology. The two options I've tried are dolby digital plus, which should take dolby atmos over arc. And multichannel (bypass) which sends the uncompressed bit stream.

So I've had a bit of a win. Changed the hdmi cables that came with the soundbar and used the sky cables. Not sure why it would make a difference but I'm now setup like...

Sky into hdmi two
Soundbar into hdmi one arc.
Sound output set to dolby digital plus.

I get dolby audio from sky and all the inbuilt apps.

I get dolby atmos from the inbuilt Netflix but dolby audio only from YouTube and amazon prime 🤷‍♂️


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My TVhas Atmos features but in sound settings I'm only getting multi channel and multichannel bypass...no Dolby digital plus even tho the manual mentions it.

Do you think changing my cable on soundbar would make a difference. Even though my old hisense I got DD through everything with same SB.

I did notice on YouTube TV app today when watching the priemer league fantasy football live stream this morning I got Dolby digital sound on that stream but everything else on YT is PCM.


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It's worth a try but the dolby digital plus option (if available) should be there regardless.

Is your firmware up to date?

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