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Hi Guys, I am a newbie here. I haven't had a major issues with my Phillips TV ever since I bought it however I wasn't using any of the HDMI ports up until now. I hooked up a digital satellite receiver and it all started working quite jerky and not smooth. To be precise it doesn’t happen all the time and it looks like it was buffering something or reacting to too many details on the screen. I also noticed that it happens on HD and UHD stream rather than SD one.

I tell you what I tried so we can cross it out:

  • Replaced HDMI cable with new short 2m long 2.1 version one
  • Tried all of three HDMI ports available
  • Played around with UHD settings as well as disabling it for good
  • Changed resolution to 1080p on both TV and sat receiver
  • I hate smoothing but I used it only to test it by switching from off to standard and I must say that it made a difference although I could see that the problem was still laying underneath and smoothing only covered it up and made it more bearable. However watching movies with this “artificial” sort of movements is way to much form me so in my mind it is out of the question.
  • Tried to get to service mode to fiddle around with HDMI settings such as turning off the legacy options, whatever really that’d regard HDMI but there was nothing more to what I could find in the regular menu.
  • Downgraded firmware to the one from 2019 on my Phillips to test it – same effect
What I also discovered was that when I connected my MiBox with Android (that I use with another old school LG TV) it was behaving much worse in terms of jerky picture. However the Android device had this option to change frequency from 60Hz to 50Hz and less and it had made a difference at least with irregular chopping and made it almost steady and watchable. This makes me think that maybe this has something to do with it. Nevertheless I am unable to play around with the Sat Box as it is provided and owned by the service provider.

Any help much appreciated as I have this nice and tasty set of Canal+ and HBO stuff that I cannot watch because of my obsessive compulsive disorder 😉

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