55oled854/12 ambilight+hue problem


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Hello, can someone help me?
I got a new tv philips 55oled854/12 and the ambilight synchronization with my Hue system dont working at all.
I managed to configure amblilight+hue but no coordination with the image or the tv light.
On my old philips tv 49PUS7502/12 ambilight+hue works great.
i try everything, reset hue bridge, reinstall the tv.... without result.
tv firmware version TPM191E_R.
Hi masterpuskyn,

Were you able to solve your issue?

I have a similar issue where my TV 55POS9002/12 can't even find the Hue-Bridge, even though they're connected to the same Switch and in the same sub-net.

I'm on SW Version: TPM171E_R.
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