55LW6500 Trumotion works intermittently on 1080 signal


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Hi all,

I brought the LG 55LW6500 LED tv 2 weeks ago and generally very happy with it.

However, I have been noticing that the Trumotion feature doesn't seems to be working very well fulltime whenever I play any 1080P or i videos. I tried it on PS3 (HDMI), 1080P HD video from phone (thru USB port), HD DVD on xbox360 (component output), they all display same issue.

But if I play a DVD in standard definition or watch normal TV, it works fine (at least not noticable to my eyes)

Has anyone experience this before? Do you think it is a fault with the Trumotion engine of the TV?

I love this feature as it makes everything look just very nice and I am not going to turn this off.

Please advise.



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One of the reviews I've read mentions that trumotion isn't applied to complex scenes, which by the nature of 1080 being higher resolution might explain this. Guessing this is to avoid unwanted artifacts or because the engine struggles to process the higher throughput of information successfully.


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Well, I was watching a demo in the shop, and the FULL HD movie they had had no such issue. For my TV, the picture looks all smooth then suddenly even under the same scene would started skipping as if Trumotion is off, then suddenly it comes on, this also happens during cast at the end of the movie!

Can anyone with the same TV let me know your experience with Trumotion when turned on? Thanks.



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The demo in the shops are always made to minimize the artifacts (like slow camera moving , high fps). You’ll never see in shops fast moving scenes like one high speed train with rich HD content in 24 fps except if manufacturers don’t want to sell any TV :).
Generally speaking a good MCFI (Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation) feature is hard to have without strong power processing and even more important very good motion detection algorithms. In LG case something is missing for sure. There is a price to pay for every feature and this one is not cheap.

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