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55LM6400 - Picture is gross. Not sure what I'm doing


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Just bought this TV and I'm not happy with the picture quality .
Software ver.: 04.02.85

I have my cable connected through my receiver to TV using HDMI.
I have also tried connecting directly to the TV via. HDMI.

HD picture is great. No complains, but can't always watch HD.
Analog channels are the problem.
Close ups are ok unless there is movement, then it is blurry
Distance camera viewing is blurry and jagged.
Whenever there is text on the screen there is a dapple effect around it (if that makes since).

I have tried TriMotion Off, Smooth, Clear and User set to about 3.
My basic settings are:
Energy Saving: Off
Backlight: 74
Contrast: 85
Brightness: 50
H/V Sharpness: 30
Colour: 60
Tint: 0
Colour Temp: Cool
Dynamic Contrast: Med
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
LED Local Dimming: Low
Gamma: 2.2
Black Level: Low

I have gone through the 'Picture Wizard II' many times.

Any help, please

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For analog never use TruMotion (off )
H/V Sharpness: 30 will blur picture (set it to 50)
Also analog signals depends a lot on signal quality, maybe its not TV issue.


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Thanks for those tips.

It could be the signal... we are talking about Comcast here.
But the picture was clearer on our 10 yr old 55" WS Mits that just bit the dust.

I have fine tuned it a bit more after reading another post and it has improved a bit.

I know the H/V Sharpness is now set to 50 which is the highest it will go.
I also believe I have TruMotion on Low right now.

I'm at work so not able to check at this time.

Any other hints like above are appreciated.

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OK, I'm getting frustrated.

Now there are some channels that have the lip sync way off, some a bit off, some right on.
I have both the receiver and TV lip sync ON.
I have tried doing a manual adjustment on the receiver but it does seem to matter.
I have the connect into the TV in HDMI (Arc) and have enabled Arc in the receiver settings.
I just connected an Optical from the TV to the receiver as well.

As for the picture, like I mentioned above I have H/V Sharpness set to 50 and TruMotion on smooth.
The picture is still ugly.
The only way I can describe it is that it has shadows really bad and a dapple effect around everything so it is not clear.
It's like the picture is doubled and just not lined up.

Hope the above helps so someone has a answer to what is going on.



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Ok, this is weird and an FYI for others.......
I went into the TV menu screen.
3D icon had the 'Off' displayed on it but I clicked it anyway.
It came up with the "3D is off" type message.
The analog picture is better now.
I still get some distortion with movements but it is getting there.


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To show an example....
This is the 'Dapple' look that I tried to explain above.

<a href="http://s41.photobucket.com/albums/e277/Debbie2525/Misc/?action=view&amp;current=LGDapple.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e277/Debbie2525/Misc/LGDapple.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Not sure what TV setting causes or prevents this.


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No, I still have the dapple effect with text and sometimes you notice it around faces.
Sometimes the whole picture will be dappled. Doesn't matter if I'm watching through Cable or Tivo.

Close up looking at a face, shoulders up is clear anything viewed at a distance out from that is blurry.
If you have let say 2 people on the screen.
The one in for foreground will be clear but the one just behind them will be blurry.
You mainly notice it with faces because I wouldn't even be able to tell if it was my neighbor.
It's that blurry.

Also lip sync is still off on some channels and just OK on others.
You always notice a split sec. off.
I have tried to correct this on my receiver which has 'Manual MS' setting and have tried 0-20.
NO change.
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Everything you are describing, I'm experiencing. Also, when watching soccer (or real football as we English say!) the picture is awful. Full of pixelated squares and strange lighting effects. when looking a screenful of the pitch you can see an underlying "shadow/darkening effect" which does not change. I wonder if this is uneven edge backlighting. Did you find any solututions. If I can't solve then, the tv will have to go back.


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I bought this TV two days ago and experiencing the same issue with analog or SD channels. Colors doesn't seem to be true to life and some parts of the picture has shadowing/darkening. The subtitles or text from the STB guide looks distorted/blurry which was not the case with my old LCD. I can also see the flicker on the channel logos.
Did anyone find a setting to fix this or ended up returning the TV?


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