55JZ1500 vs 55A80J


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Oct 7, 2005
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I'm going to buy one of these 2 soon. Very similar in price right now. I most likely won't get it calibrated. I'm not in a position to properly demo them, other than just viewing demo content under store lighting.

I currently have a Panasonic 50CX802, which I do really like.

Mixed use - general TV, streaming via NF/Amazon Prime/Rakuten, some gaming.

The better sound of the Sony is quite appealing. I suspect that the sound of the Panasonic oled would be better than my current CX802 though, and for movie watching, I normally run a pair of Q acoustics 3020 via optical and a small Denon all in one hifi anyway.

Sony appears from reviews to have better motion and near black performance. Panasonic a more cinematic, natural image. The Panasonic is mentioned as having some near black issues and some gradient interpolation issues.

I probably would not be disappointed by either TV really. I'm leaning towards the Panasonic, just due to how much I like the image on my current one.

Mostly I just thought it would be fun to ask for opinions before I buy either on in the next month or so :)

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thank you,

I'd say the Panasonic unless you have a particular want of better motion above everything else. Panasonic has a heatsink and brighter image for HDR which Sony reserve for the A90J.

With Sound the A80J has a cut down acoustic surface compared to the A90J so it's sound is not going to be soundbar replacing. You might want to hang on to your hifi unless you go up to the HZ2000 or A90J.

Regarding near to black problems, it seems to be something shared by all HDMI 2.1 TVs that are using mediatek as their chipset manufacturer. You'd actually be better off buying one of last years models or buying LG this year if you want good near to blacks.

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