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So both the 920V & 960V are currently the same price this weekend. Which is the better option?

What I have seen is that the 960V is a PCWorld/Curry's exclusive. EDIT - available at other retailers.

I have also read that the 960V does not support HDR via HDMI which is a big bummer and put off for me.

Apart from these I cannot find anything that separates the two. Can anyone shed some light on these TVs and help me please.

Thanks Rag

PS I do not want the flat 950 option

PPS Please do not post of it is opinion or speculation. I need to know facts to decide asap.
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the 960v isn't a currys exclusive its everywhere to buy.
john lewis for instance are price matching the currys offer


The posting at the bottom of page 238 by 2techsystems is very helpful - LG EG960V owners and discussion thread.

It links to a web page which does a good comparison after some excellent research.

It appears that the 960V is Currys only, and a model 960 must be better than 920? I think the 960V was initially more expensive, so perhaps it was all some human psychology experiment?


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As far as I can recall, the major difference is that the 920 can do HDR via the HDMI ports, whereas the 960 can only do HDR via internal apps. this is because the 960 has 2.0 HDMI and 920 has 2.0a ports.


Can se no reason to buy the 960 over the 920 as HDR is part of the ultra Bluray specs.

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