55B7 - First impressions


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Thought I'd share my first impressions.

Firstly, it's probably worth mentioning I'm coming from a 2004 50" Pioneer (PDP-504 HDE), which is of course only 720p. It also had a couple of pixels stuck on green. Cost over £5k at the time (oh for my wasteful youth). In my old age a (little) bit more prudent, and got the LG for £1349 via John Lewis price match.

The good:
  1. 1080p is a novelty - even that I was happy with
  2. Blacks - as everyone said, were great. In fact, better than my old plasma
  3. webOS interface is pretty good
  4. Sound is astonishingly good for its size
  5. 4k + HDR - wow. I think it's more the HDR that's making a difference (Blue Planet II HLG incredible)
  6. Because of the thin bezels, quite a bit smaller than my old plasma, even though picture 5" larger on the diagonal.

The not-so-good:
  1. I do notice very feint horizontal banding on uniform colours (which is usually only in menus etc). I find this slightly odd as most posts I can find talk about vertical banding.
  2. I find myself being a bit paranoid about news channel tickers and burn in.
  3. Magic remote pointer is a bit confusing at first, as it seems to be accelerometer based, rather than the IR led+webcam in Wii remotes. It means position is only relative to how you're holding the remote, and nothing to do with whether you're pointing towards the TV. I work around it by sort of 'recalibrating' by moving the pointer to the edge of the screen.
  4. Keyboard and audio text entry completely non-standard across the various apps, which sent me back unfortunately to using the Apple TV
  5. (Nerd alert) I tried to man-in-the-middle the wifi connection, to see what it was connecting to. However, the certs are locked down. What I did see though is the TV is very chatty, and it concerns me LG might be doing more spying than I'd like.


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The not-so-good:
  1. I find myself being a bit paranoid about news channel tickers and burn in.
I got over the paranoid retention on news channel, follow my recomendation and start watching news without worring about retention again:
1: activate live zoom
2: zoom enough to get the banners outside the screen

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