55A7GQTUK Motion issues - hardware or software issue, and can it be fixed?


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I recently purchased a Hisense 55A7GQTUK TV. I'm struggling to figure out how to fix, disable or work around a weird issue with fast motion. When something is moving quickly on the screen, especially high contrast like someone in a black coat on a light background, it's like the TV is drawing a flickering halo around anything that's moving across the screen. It's incredibly distracting and really annoying especially when we've spent so much on a TV before. I'm not even talking about purely action movies or anything like that, even mundane day to day TV like Jimmy Perez shuffling around on Shetland or some of the more intense editing on some Bake Off episodes. It's honestly ridiculous.

I assumed it was some sort of poorly implemented motion smoothing effect, but turning off the smooth motion settings don't seem to help with this.

This happens on built in apps, separate Chromecast 4K and standard Freeview TV channels too, so that rules out issues with any particular app or external source.

I've been in touch with Richer Sounds where we bought it from to see whether they can help, or offer a different TV as a replacement without this issue but they are claiming that this is an issue with all TVs in this price range (?) and we'd need to spend a lot more to get something that isn't affected by this problem. This doesn't seem right to me, especially as I've never noticed this with any of our older TVs that were half the cost and a lot less hi-tech (I'm talking about 1080p TVs from probably over 10 years ago at this point). So I would be really surprised if this was a hardware limitation of a TV that is vastly more expensive and hi tech than anything I've bought before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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