55' wide angle up to 750EUR (hello to everyone from Lithuania!)


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Dear all,

I have spent hours reading all the relevant threads and kind of narrowed down my search, but your advise would be very very appreciated.

I live in Lithuania, so models and prices are sometimes different, but not too much. The biggest choice with good prices is here:
Televizoriai internetu išsimokėtinai 0% | Bigbox.lt - it's straightforward to filter on the left side

I am looking for 55-60' TV for ordinary cartoons, local IPTV provider TV shows and occasionally football, with wide viewing angle (so IPS or cheap OLED) up to 750 EUR.

From what I've read in the threads, Hisense B7500 seems to be a great option (it's 500 EUR):

I couldn't find Samsung NU8 anymore, probably it's no longer sold, but this perhaps is good as well?

Several Samsung QLEDs fall into the budget, but not sure if they are better value for the money than Hisense:

Any other worth checking alternatives from here:

Thanks in advance and I owe you a beer (I can ship a nice Lithuanian beer bottle as a thanks :D
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None of those listed above have wide viewing angles. Look at LG models - UK or SK series offer best value.


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Thanks Zeppelino!

I have now went through each and every model to check if it's IPS and have the following pricelist to choose from. Perhaps I could ask for a favor from the most experienced of you - if you see any of the models that stand out best value for the money, please advise:

LG 55UK6200PLA 350€
LG 55UK6300MLB 400€
LG 55UK6100PLB 420€
LG 55UK6400PLF 424€
LG 55UM7100PLB 435€
LG 55UK6470PLC 440€
LG 55UK6500MLA 440€
LG 55UM7400PLB 452€
LG 55UK6950PLB 459€
LG 55UM7450PLA 477€
Panasonic TX-55FX700E 479
LG 55UM7510PLA 563€
LG 55UK7550MLA 599€
LG 55UM7610PLB 625€
LG 55UM7660PLA 646€
LG 55SK8000PLB 647€
SONY KD-55XF7596 600
LG 55SM8200PLA 666€
Sony KD-55XF8096 685
LG 55SK8100PLA 699€
LG 55SM8500PLA 709€

Panasonic TX-58GX700E 739


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Thanks! And if I don’t really need HDR, would it make sense to save 100-200€ and go for something cheaper, but quality-wise only marginally worse?


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In that case the Panasonic FX700 is next best. The Sony is wildly overpriced. The GX Panasonic won’t have wide viewing angles.

However if you watch sports you’ll want the SK or SM series LG models as they have better options for motion control.
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