55" TV Guidance (c. £600)

Hi all,

I'm back on the hunt for a 55" TV, with a budget that can stretch upto £600. Recommendations/guidance all appreciated.

I went to see a few 2021 models earlier today- specifically the LG NANO75 range and the Samsung AU8000. (I'm aware a 2020 model is probably best value, but seems difficult to find with a good warranty).

After viewing content on both screens, I thought the LG came out ahead of the Samsung. I was going to pull the trigger, but am aware the LG has an IPS panel whilst the Samsung is a VA.

My distance to the screen is 8ft (~240cm), in a well-lit room. For context, I typically sit directly opposite the screen (very rarely my viewing angle is c. 45 degrees). Content is usually sports/movies/gaming.

Based on the above, would I better-served with a VA panel?

In addition, if there are other TV recommendations close to budget, I'd be happy to investigate further. To throw another option into the ring, I believe I may be able to source a Sony XH9005 (or the 9505) for ~£700.

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If you're viewing in a well lit room then lower contrast and worse blacks on a TV using an IPS panel are negated.

When comparing low tier TVs, IPS has less motion blur and better viewing angles.

I wouldn't splash £600-700 on a low tier TV though, that's far too much. 2021 models are overpriced at the minute.

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