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55" + TV, 58AX802 or Plasma or other suggestions please ??


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Looking to upgrade our TV to a 55" or larger set. We currently have a 42" Panasonic plasma. I have seen the 58AX802 set in Costco which after cashback would be £2080 which is about the top of my budget, or should I try to hunt out a 55VT65 plasma before they are all gone? Or go for a lower spec version for a few years to wait and see if OLED comes down to a better price? Any suggestions welcome, one thing I would prefer is a Freesat tuner as we just have a satellite dish for Sky we have no Freeview aerial.


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TPS may still have 55VT65 instock (7 yr warranty)
RS are giving away the 65VT65 for £2249 (5 yr warranty)

Can't go wrong with either of them.......


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Thanks, I did get the Richer Sounds email with the 65VT65, and have been trying my best to convince the other half last night and today to go for it before stock is all finished. I've never heard of TPS before so thanks for that, if the 55" was a bit cheaper I would probably go with that but the 65" seems the best value although its a hard sell to the wife at over £2K.


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Go for it mate......a chance to own what is considered near perfection in plasma performance for a truly amazing price. It took 4 years+ for Panasonic plasma to equal / surpass Kuro. How long will it take these non-plasma screens to get better than the current Panny plasmas at a similar price point?
OLED has the potential but one this size is very likely to be much more expensive for the next few years.


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Go for the 58AX802 from Costco. I picked one up from Costco (Or rather lugged one) to the car yesterday. 18kg for a brick in a box as a stand come on really!! Surely everyone wall mounts these.

Brilliant set, the Freetime on Freesat is sublime and so much quicker and intuitive than the YouView boxes.

Picture is stunning, OS is great, everything just flows.

With the cashback and already discounted Costco price £2080 has to make this the best Mid size UHD deal out there at the moment..

Lets face it with the Costco deal what have you got to loose, if you don't like it for any reason you can just take it back for a full refund no questions asked within 90days.


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Have a read of this article:

Why I bought a 1080p plasma instead of a 4K LED LCD - Engadget

Whichever you choose, once you are happy with it, then it is the right decision.

I watch a lot of sports and will prefer to have the superior motion handling and viewing angles of plasma.
Also prefer to watch 1080 signal on a 1080 panel instead of 1080 upscaled to 4K.
Little in the way of 4K content available now but if the format gets accepted then there should be in a few years time.

This head to head review took place only yesterday:

Panasonic AX802 is Best 4K TV; ZT Plasma Pips LG OLED

TV shootout in Leeds - my thoughts | AVForums

Bear in mind the ZT and VT plasmas have identical panels with different means of filtering light at front of screen.

They are all very good TVs so decide what is important to you and go with it.
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