55" Samsung Q70T rubbish, tv suggestions?


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Since boxing day I've had a Samsung q70t set up, from the first moment I viewed tv channels through it, I could see it was poor with screen motion, the next few days have confirmed how bad the picture can be, and the dedicated thread on here had just confirmed everything. So I will return the tv. I looked up reviews to pick the Samsung only to be disappointed. How to choose a tv knowing reviews can't be trusted. Someone on here recommended Sony xh9505? But to get that in the same 55" size, its expensive, so maybe the 9005? Is that good, specs do sound better than the samsung with full array led and local dimming, and 2x 2.1 hdmi ports instead of samsungs 1. 55" tv suggestions within £900? At this point a tv that can you wath normal tv through seems a goal!



Motion is very subjective, some people will be happy with the Q70T, some not. Motion has all kinds of different things wrong with it, that one person may notice, but another doesn't.

My advice: go for the Sony XH9505, its a much better all round TV, motion is about as good as you'll find. You're also buying into something that is a true HDR TV, with good local dimming and peak brightness. Something you can't say about the Q70T.

If its out of reach, there's also the cheaper XH9005 (or any variant thereof like XH9296) but you aren't getting a very good HDR TV, and you'll find some titles will look too dark on it.


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Its a hard one. I've been in a similar position and I know that the budget just seems to go up and up but the Sony 55XH9505 or one of the cheaper OLEDS at 1k really is the best option IMHO especially if you want to take advantage of HDR. It does depend what your usage is going to be though. One option is to wait a few months and the Sony could drop a bit like it has the last few years. Another option is to consider buying from the Sony refurb store if one of the 55XH9505's come in stock on there.

I am considering buying the Sony and the cheapest I can find the 55XH9505 including delivery at the moment is TPS £995.00 - Sony KD55XH9505BU 55-inch 4K HDR LED TV - LED - SONY - TPS - The Perfect Signal Ltd

If you collect it then they will knock off £30 so technically you could get it for £965 although it could be a very long journey depending on where you live.

If you call Richer Sounds they should beat any price under 1k by £10 so you could definitely get it for £985 or depending on how much sweet talking you can do they may let you have it for £955 (but unlikely). The other option is buying from JL for 1k and then if it drops in price within 28 days you can retrospectively claim the price difference back (as long as the price is with a comparable retailer). The reality is that the price is more likely to go up than down during January and February though. The best prices will be in the Spring unless the sets all sell out.
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