55" Options - LG C1 £899, QN95A £909.30 or LG C2 £950?


My brother cant decide between the above 3 TV's and I have to admit, I really don't know what to advise based on the reduced prices.

The LG C1 is currently available at Richer Sounds for £899 - 6 year warranty, but no option for burn in cover. John Lewis wont price match.
The QN95A is £909.30 through the Samsung Student/EPP store - 1 year warranty only. He has approached the local RS and asked them to price beat. No response yet.
The LG C2 is available through the Insiders campaign at £950 - 1 year warranty, no specific date for delivery. He has been accepted though.

He wants an OLED, but the TV will be positioned opposite a large window 25ft away. The room is quite dull during the day, as the window is north facing.......but reflections could be an issue, hence he's considering the QN95A as it's a similar price.

Any recommendations or advice?


Reflection handling on OLEDs is actually pretty good, it's really if you have severe problems, or if the room is very bright that you should consider an LCD TV. No matter what you do though, you will always need to manage light in the room.

Of course, the decision between LCD and OLED also has other important factors too.

If I were him, I'd go for the C2 from the campaign. That TV won't be as cheap as that until this time next year. Newly released models are always very expensive and being part of the insiders means you are basically buying the TV at cost.

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