55" OLED that will reliably run Discovery+


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I'm looking for a 55" OLED tv that will run Discovery+ reliably internally, not casting from some other device.. At the moment I am using screen mirror on my Sony KDL-50W829B which works ok but is a bit of a pain.

It's so difficult to find definitive information and I've done a lot of research that just becomes more and more confusing. I thought that the experienced members of this forum would be able to help. I think that a 55" OLED < £1500 that can run iPlayer, ITV hub, all4, my5, YouTube, Discovery+ and Netflix/Prime though the latter two are only used occasionally to watch Star Trek/Picard and I won't need Netflix for that anymore. An internal dual tuner Freeview/YouView tuner/recorder would be good too, FreeSat is also a possibility though CH4 is an issue. Oh yes, good upscaling from SD and HD signals.

I know that I'm asking a lot but any suggestions gratefully received.


To stream discovery plus directly in app and not via another app like prime video you're limited to Android TVs or Samsung models. If you want UK Terestrial TV catchup apps also, sadly this discounts newer Android models using the new Google TV platform. These are said to be getting these apps later.

I'd personally still go with the Sony A80J or A90J, the latter has much better built in sound and a brighter HDR picture, but for SDR the A80J is just as good. If for whatever reason they don't get all apps, add a firestick or similar.

If you want something that supports all apps now you have to buy Samsung, and they don't make OLED TVs, only LCD TVs.

Freesat compatibility is included with both Sony and Samsung TVs. If you want to use PVR functionality expect rudimentary support for recording compared to a dedicated PVR. The higher end models in your budget will have dual tuners though.

If you decide on a Samsung TV instead of Sony. I'd recommend the Q80A as a minimum if you don't need good viewing angles, and if you do, go for the QN9XA models excluding QN90A.

Netflix and Prime is included on every TV and you can subscribe to Discovery Plus within Prime video, you could even do that on your current TV with just a Roku or Firestick.

EDIT* forgot to mention Philips OLED TVs like the OLED806 that have Google TV + UK terrestrial catchup apps already. These have no dual tuners, and no Freesat support.
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That's an interesting point about Prime. I didn't realise that Discovery could be accessed that way. The Sony models look like a good choice. Other than the antiquated smart tv in my current Sony, it's been a good set.

The Philips set's are keenly priced. What are they like for reliability? I had a Philips back in the CRT days, great picture but very unreliable.

I'll check out the Samsung, is the QN94A a good choice?

Thanks for your help.

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