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55" LED - Samsung ES7000 vs LG LM670/760


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Good afternoon. I am in a tough choice at the moment - I am looking for a new TV for my relatively big room - I will watch TV from at least 3,5 meters, so need 55" TV minimum - that is clear.
I will use TV for Movies, PS3 games and some DTV. I've read through tons of reviews lately and finally stuck with two options:
1. Samsung 55ES7000 - it has significantly dropped in the price in Sweden lately - down to LG's LM670 price point! But I am afraid a lot of Samsung's "clouding lottery" It is not so easy to get TV replaced up here as it is in UK :(
2. LG 55LM670 - I do prefer this model due to its silver/metal finishing then 760. It should be less advanced compared to mentioned Samsung and has it's own cons like motion blur on 24p and some game input lag.

Apart of that, there is only one store really selling LM670 at the moment ;)

Please help to make a choice.


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The biggest difference is their types of 3d, active versus passive.

So take a look at that. Probably best to check it out for yourself. Honestly? There is no correct answer. The current LGs have a lot of issues. Lots of people returned them. But its passive tech is better than active, yet its still got some problems. Many people claim they're the worst TVs on the market, others love em.

So you'll have to do a trial and error on your own, because every TV owner has different environments and motivations, different things that bother him/her, different thresholds. Its a huge bother, but if you want the right TV, you're going to have to put in a lot of work, otherwise, live with what you get.

All LED tvs are a bit of a lottery, doesn't matter the make or brand, so if you're not prepared to return it, get a plasma.

If you don't care about 3d, stick with the Sammy. If you want 3d, wait it out. There's no such thing as a good 3d LED tv, yet. And 3d active tech is horrible and obsolete, so its pointless. Again, no one can tell you anything, because its ALWAYS different for everybody. ALWAYS. So trial and error is the ONLY consistent way of getting the right TV. So, rather than taking my word for it, check it out.

Philips is coming out with a new LED this month, rumors claim the 6007 does everything right including passive 3d. No significant reviews yet, but that's what I'm waiting for. Considering its late release date, I'm hoping this one finally does the job.

I'm not even sure I'll wait for it, because I've been waiting two years for them to get it right, and who the hells knows when that will actually be? Because, another piece of information to consider, reviews are USELESS. They mean NOTHING for the very reasons I mentioned. Almost every review gave the LM lined TVs 5/5, but they're also the most returned TV of 2012, so what does that tell you? Reviews mean absolutely NOTHING.

EVERYTHING is different for EVERYONE. EVERY panel is different from EVERY other panel, even within same brands and same models. Good luck with your game of lottery.
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WOW, thanks a lot for such a reply! I am actually still thinking that 3D is a bit a toy or a fashion so do not think that would watch it often. But I really prefer passive 3D in LG as it is less painful to the eyes.

I have checked with one of the stores yesterday about TV set replacement in case of Clouding and other stuff and their answer was: "If the TV is found to be defective, you will not have to pay for transportation. If however the display is deemed normal you would have to pay for the transportation of the old (and eventually new) TV" So, first of all I would need to spend some time to prove that it is faulty, they will not just replace it with the new one as it is described here :( That is why I am very cautious about Samsung's lottery


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I would definitely go with the LG LM760, or LM670. However, I am not a big fan of Samsung 3D TVs. I have several friends who do have Samsung 3D TVs and I felt so sick after watching 3D movies on the Samsungs because Samsung uses Active 3D and their glasses flicker. However, LG 3D TVs use Passive 3D which means no flickering and way more comfortable 3D glasses do not use batteries.

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