55' JS9000 or 55' EG920V???


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i've been skimming av forums for months now for finding a good tv to replace my 5 year old sony 40' Bravia EX500.

I have a budget at around 2000-2500 euros and i narrowed my search to two options (55 inch) I will use my new tv for watching TV, netflix, bluray (uhd +HDR), 1080p movies + PS4 gaming.

The JS9000 and the EG920v. The EG920v is at the moment a little too expensive but i hope prices will drop in the next few months. I have found positives and negatives on both sets :

JS 9000 :

+ can go very bright
+ 4 hdmi-ports
+ is cheaper
+ one connect box = future proof
+ low input lag
+ very good upscaling

- bad viewing angles
- edge lit
- chome bezel might be annoying?

EG920v :

+ perfect blacks
+ good contrast
+ already had HDMI 2.0a
+ wide viewing angle
+ looks attractive

- higher input lag
- only 3 HDMI ports
- less future proof?

I want to use my tv for at least 5 years so if i'm going to invest my money on a new tv i want the best all around experience. Also, been reading a lot of issues with these OLED panels. Maybe the technology isn't quite there yet? LCD on the other hand is on its peak performance wise. Also the upscaling would be better on the Samsung? 4K material is well on its way but full HD (and 720p in some cases) isn't going away soon.

With HDR coming up, is even any of these 2 a viable option?

I would like input of the community here because in several months AVforums was very helpful for narrowing down my options. So already thanks for that :)
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Had both.

The 920 was impressive however has banding on panning and dark shots. Very distracting and not good enough on a premium product imo. Also had tint on a uniform screen so on football pitch or white screen. A replacement was sent and was similar so back that went to. The motion was also a little weak.

The 9000 was an extremely impressive but of kit straight out of the box. Colours similar to the 920 provided sat straight on from set but hdr and upscalinf awere both superior on this set imo as was motion. The blacks went as good as 920 but good enough.

Overall the 9000 was the package to have imo until they sort the banding and tint issues with the oled atleast.

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